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  • Welcome to Porta
  • Welcome to Porta
  • Welcome to Porta
  • Sandwich

    Breakfast Sandwich
    smoked bacon, white cheddar & an over medium egg on griddled pan de mie with tater tots.
    Warm Open Faced Deviled Egg Sandwich
    pickled jalapeno, bacon & aged provolone


    Chocolate Cream Pie
    mascarpone cream, cocoa nib and sea salt
    Fried Chicken Pizza
    buttermilk battered chicken breast, bbq sauce & picnic slaw on a pan de mie bun with sweet potato fries
  • Starters

    French Fries
    Meat, fish...


    Poulet "Vert"
    farro verde, broccoli spigarello, golden turnips & herb pistou
    Spicy Mary
    our bloody mary with hangar one chipotle vodka & spiced rim
    Strawberry Fields
    russian standard vodka, fresh strawberries, simple syrup, soda water & fresh lime
    Sweet Potato Fries


    Di Stefano Burrata
    fava bean toast, pea tendrils, sugar snap peas, lemon & olive oil
    Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich
    caesar, aioli, bacon & field greens
    Smoked Salmon Blt
    smoked bacon, goat cheese, early girl tomato, butter lettuce & horseradish aioli on toasted whole wheat with mixed greens.
    38 North Half Chicken
    acorn squash, chicories, mushroom, chicken jus, glazed shallot
  • Sushi & Sashimi

    Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts
    lemon & sea salt
    Loretta's Vacherin
    coffee ice cream, meringue, toasted almond & chocolate sauce

    Steaks & Chops

    Ribeye Steak
    Steak Tartare
    poached quail egg & crostini

    Soups & Salads

    Soup Du Jour
    Mixed Greens
    baby head lettuce & citrus shallot vinaigrette
    Little Gem Salad
    avocado, market vegetables & citrus vinaigrette
    Little Gem Salad
    creamy herb dressing, confit potato, shaved radish, sprouts, seeds
    Roasted Tomato Soup
    smoked cheddar, toasted levain & micro basil
  • Pudding

    Dutch Pancake
    mixed summer berries, black pepper-candied bacon, maple syrup & house-made ricotta.


    Irn Bru Spritz
    tequila, Irn Bru, prosecco
    Fifty Shades of Earl Grey
    thyme, tequila, pomegranate, earl grey, port
  • Wines

    Bright Cider
    Two Towns Cider Corvalis, Oregon
    Oaxaca Old Fashion
    Mezcal, Tequila, Gum Syrup, Orange, Chocolate Bitters (rocks)

    Coffee & Tea

    Cream, Milk, Coffee
    Espresso by Mr. Espresso Coffee Company
    Oakland, California
    The Republic of Tea
    English breakfast, earl grey, green, mint, chamomile
    Mornin' Tea
    ketel one vodka, apricot-riesling jam, lemonade & iced tea


    Anchor, San Francisco, California
    Belgian Strong Dark Ale
    Chimay Blue Label Scourmont Abbey, Belgium

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